Special Conditions

These special conditions apply both when Slobeltour acts as a travel agent or as an Organizer, whereby in some articles a distinction is made between both services.

For the sake of completeness, Slobeltour also refers to the Law of 21 November 2017 on the sale of package holidays, linked travel arrangements and travel services.You can also find on our website the general travel conditions for Travel for travel service contracts and general travel conditions regarding package travel agreements.

In addition to the guarantees provided for in the following conditions, Slobeltour’s obligations are covered by a statutory guarantee (coordinated Royal Decrees of 30/6/1966 and 01/02/1975). It can only be claimed after a letter of formal notice with registered copy to the Flemish Commissioner General for Tourism, Grasmarkt 61, 1000 Brussels and this within 12 months after the execution of the work that caused the debt to arise.


Article 1.1 : Identification

Slobeltour is a booking platform that belongs to the company J&Z Services BV, with registered office in Belgium, Magnolialaan 5 b8 in 1600 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. In these general terms and conditions, only the name “Slobeltour” will always be used.

J&Z Services can be contacted via info@slobeltour.com.

J&Z Services is registered with VAT under the number BE 0748.536.033.

She is also a recognized member of the VVR with approval number 9881.


Article 1.2 : Scope

These conditions govern the contractual relations between Slobeltour and the traveler. These conditions can only be deviated from if Slobeltour agrees in writing and in advance. The customer can in no way claim his own conditions, whatever they may be.


Article 2 : Drawing up the contract

When Slobeltour acts as a travel agent, the offer for making accommodation available to the traveler is presented by Slobeltour on its website and this offer is valid subject to the availability of the accommodation.

Slobeltour gives the traveler access to his entered data (website) for the confirmation of his booking.

When the traveler presses “reservation”, the traveler hereby declares that he has taken note of and agrees with the general terms and conditions, the special conditions and the conditions for availability that are included. This counts as an electronic signature that has the same value between both parties as a handwritten signature.

The traveler makes his reservation request of a logie via the website of Slobeltour. After checking availability, the traveler will receive a confirmation which serves as a final agreement. The tenant is also invited to pay the requested advance (within 48 hours) and the payment of the full balance by the requested date. As soon as the advance has been received, the booking is final.

The payment of the advance also counts as explicit acceptance of these special and the general terms and conditions.

As a result, the traveler grants Slobeltour the express authority to represent him in all relations with service providers and (other) tour operators.


Article 3: Prices

When Slobeltour acts as a travel agent and does not organize a package tour, the provisions of this article do not apply. In that case, only file costs can be charged and a file is always subject to additional file costs on request.

  1. The agreed price in the package travel contract is – barring obvious material mistake – fixed and all mandatory services are included, except those which, according to local regulations, can only be paid on the spot by the traveler in cash
  2. The price is indicated per house – person – room – apartment
  3. The prices include: the accommodation (house – apartment – room) for the selected period and taking into account the number of registered participants and any services offered as stated in the contract, file expenses and mandatory charges, excluding the guarantee.
  4. Not included are: costs for travel pass, visa, vaccinations, insurance; all personal expenses; gratuities and excursions that are not expressly indicated as included,…
  5. Prices given orally or by telephone by our reservation service are always subject to change. Only written price confirmations are valid.
  6. Files on request, unless they result in a fixed booking, are always subject to a 30 euro administration fee.
  7. For files that deviate from the standard program, a surcharge of 95 euros per file will be charged.
  8. Prices are calculated on the basis of:
    a) exchange rates for the stay and other services abroad that were known at the time of booking. Changes in exchange rates are always implemented.
    b) taxes and charges, including airport charges, in relation to the situation at the date of the offer for sale.
    (c) the transport price including energy prices which form an element of that transport price on the basis of the date of the offer for sale.
  9. If the increase exceeds 8% of the total price, the traveller may terminate the package travel contract without compensation. In this case, the traveler is entitled to a refund of the amounts he has paid to the organizer.


Article 4: Payments

Advances are payable within 48 hours and invoices are payable within 5 days after sending the invoice and at the latest on the pre-communicated no later than day of payment.

Advances and invoices that have not been paid on their due date will be automatically and without notice of default increased by the statutory interest from the due date and a fixed compensation of 15%


Article 5 : Obligations of the traveler

5.1 Information :

The traveler must provide Slobeltour with the correct, complete and up-to-date information regarding the composition of the travelers participating in the trip or the mere stay and guarantees the authenticity and correctness thereof. The traveler will be responsible for all possible (financial) consequences arising from any incorrect or incomplete information that he provides to Slobeltour.

The person who actually books is responsible for the correct information regarding the entire travel party. Travelers whose details have not been communicated are not allowed to stay in the booked logie or to go on a trip with them.


5.2 Payment obligation :

Upon receipt of the confirmation of booking, the customer pays the stated amount (advance or total amount) within 48 hours.

If the booking for the stay or the travel package is made less than 8 weeks before the start of the stay, the traveler is obliged to pay the total amount (whether or not increased with a deposit) in one go.

If the payments are not made as stipulated in these terms and conditions, Slobeltour reserves the right to cancel the booking and to pass on all costs.

The stay or trip can under no circumstances start without the customer having paid the full amount.


5.3 Charges charged when booking accommodation:

The amounts mentioned in connection with the energy consumption displayed on the page of accommodation of the Slobeltour site correspond to a reasonable and indicative consumption, taking into account the composition of the group and normal use as a good family man. Slobeltour will, when booking mere accommodation, request payment of a lump sum for this energy consumption.

The lump sum can under no circumstances, by way of example and not exhaustively, cover the recharging of electric vehicles, installation of inflatable swimming pools or any other equipment that has not been communicated on the presentation page of the accommodation.

The way in which the charges are calculated can be found on the pages that refer to the accommodation and to its price. This may include, without this list being exhaustive, energy consumption, tourist tax, rent for linen, cleaning costs,…

The use of the resources for purposes other than those of the holiday home will give rise to invoicing of additional costs.

When accommodation is booked in the context of a travel package agreement, the charges will be processed in the travel package agreement and will be part of the determined price under the same conditions as described in this article.


5.4 Guarantee :

The traveler will pay to the owner of the property where there will be a stay – a deposit for the handing over of the keys to the stay, unless expressly agreed otherwise. In the event of non-payment of this deposit, the owner may refuse to hand over the keys without the traveler being able to claim any compensation or Slobeltour is liable for this in any way.

This deposit will be refunded to the traveler within 30 days after deduction of all general costs arising from the damage or losses that the traveler has caused to the accommodation. If the damage is higher than the requested guarantee, the traveler undertakes to pay in addition the amount that covers the costs and, if the case occurs, also the costs associated with the damage.

Slobeltour will not be held liable for a possible backlog in terms of reimbursement of the deposit.


5.5 Miscellaneous :

– The traveler is obliged to comply with the rules imposed by the authorities in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

– The traveler undertakes to always behave with due care and to comply with the legally applicable provisions, as well as to follow guidelines regarding smoking bans and pets.

– Assuming that the traveler would find a defect during his stay, he must immediately report this to the owner, so that the latter can find a suitable solution. In the absence of this, the traveler will not be able to seek a story from Slobeltour or the owner.

-The traveler is obliged to inform the owner of all damage, losses and defects that he has caused at the latest before his departure and agrees to fully compensate them.

– The traveler acknowledges that Slobeltour can under no circumstances be held responsible in the event of damage – theft caused during his stay to himself, his goods, his guests and / or his pets.

– The traveler undertakes to take out a valid insurance policy that covers his liability in the event of a fire in the rented accommodation if this would be required by the owner of the property to be rented.

– Neither Slobeltour nor the owner can be held responsible for any problems with electricity, water, internet due to weather conditions or caused by the traveler.

– Neither Slobeltour nor the owner are responsible for physical or mental damage resulting from “force majeure” (hail, storm,…)

-The customer is not able to transfer the contract. If this should nevertheless happen, Slobeltour has the right to dissolve the contract by operation of law and to apply the cancellation costs mentioned in Article 7.

-If the customer wants to change the agreement – rebooking, Slobeltour will charge you an amount equal to the cancellation costs stated in article 7.

-Most stays are primarily intended for families. Groups consisting entirely of young people (up to 25 years) are not allowed. Bookings that conflict with this will be cancelled and a cancellation fee will be charged. It is not allowed to organize parties, events or gatherings with guests other than people from the travel group. If this is not complied with, Slobeltour will terminate the travel agreement and charge costs, including cleaning costs and compensation.

-Slobeltour can also terminate the contract if it becomes aware of an unlawful or unauthorized use of the accommodation by the tenant or by a person of the travel party, or of the behavior of an animal that the tenant has under his care.

-The tenant is obliged to restore the accommodation, its contents and its equipment in the same condition as on arrival. The customer, despite a final cleaning carried out by a third person, remains bound by the obligation to brush the house, to do and clean up the dishes, to clean the household appliances (bbq included), put back moved furniture, leave toilets decently, sort waste and deposit it in the right place, clean up beds and fold bed linen.

The costs incurred by the owner for compliance with the aforementioned obligations will be deducted from the deposit and, if the guarantee is not sufficient to cover those cleaning costs, will be invoiced by the owner to the customer.


Article 6: Formalities

1. The traveller shall confirm that he has taken note of the information concerning the formalities to be completed communicated to him in the brochure or by the retailer.

2. Children must have an identity card with photo. Children who are not accompanied by their parents must present documents on which the parents give their consent to travel alone and which indicate the date of arrival and departure from the country concerned, as well as the address where they spend their holidays and their address in Belgium.

3. Pets can be taken on a trip provided that the specific guidelines provided by the travel agent – owner are taken into account. In any case, they must comply with the vaccination requirements. However, Slobeltour does not accept any responsibility for any damage nor for difficulties arising from bringing pets.

Additional costs for the allowed stay of pets may be charged.


Article 7: Cancellation by the traveler

  1. If the customer terminates the contract, he will not be able to reclaim any insurance premiums paid to Slobeltour.
  2. The cancellation costs are variable according to the time of cancellation. The correct date of the cancellation is determined by the date of receipt by Slobeltour :

*more than 42 days before the start date of departure/stay : 30% of the total sum

*between 42nd day (incl) and 28th day (excl) before the start date of departure/stay : 50 % of the total sum

*between 28th day (incl) and 14th day (excl) before the start date of departure/stay: 90% of the total sum

*between 14th day (incl) and date of arrival before start date of departure/ stay: 100% of the total sum

*at NO SHOW : 100 % of the total sum

*for earlier departure : 100 % of the total sum

Even if the cancellation is due to chance, economic measures or force majeure, these contractually agreed fees must be paid. The above costs are generally valid unless the site states other cancellation costs (the latter are then valid)

The traveler can avoid these costs by subscribing to a cancellation insurance that provides for the reimbursement of these expenses.


Article 8: Liability

The information contained in this document was compiled according to data known to us up to six months before its publication. If changes occur in the operation, facilities and services of the products offered, these will be communicated by Sobeltours immediately after becoming aware of them.


Article 9: Complaints procedure

  1. De traveler must, in an evidentiary manner, immediately inform Slobeltour of any non-conformity that he experiences during the execution of the travel agreement. (e.g. photos, proof of conversations and exchanges with owner,…)
  2. De customer-tenant has a period of 4 hours after his move into the rented accommodation and this at the latest until 10 p.m. on the day of arrival, to inform the owner of any lack of conformity of the accommodation and / or of his equipment in comparison with the information provided.
    If the customer does not express himself within this lock, this will be considered as recognition by the latter that there is no problem and therefore no recourse can be obtained.
  3. Any consideration for services not obtained shall only be refunded subject to the submission of a written certificate issued by the service provider concerned and clearly indicating which services the traveller has not received.
  4. De customer cannot claim compensation in the event of force majeure defined as any abnormal and unforeseen circumstance, independent of the will of Slobeltour and the consequences of which could not have been avoided (eg: facts attributable to the owner, war, thunderstorm, fire, flood, natural disaster, zone in quarantine, death of owner,…)
  5. For any disputes that cannot be resolved through the Disputes Committee, only the courts and tribunals of Brussels are competent.


Article 10 : Abbreviated Privacy Statement

Your personal data will be processed by J&Z Services for customer management based on the contractual relationship resulting from your order/purchase of your holiday and/or related services and for direct marketing (to offer you new holiday products or services) based on our legitimate interest in doing business.

If you do not want us to process your data for the purpose of direct marketing, it is sufficient to inform us at info@slobeltour.com. Via that address you can always ask which data we process about you and, if necessary, have it corrected or deleted.

In addition, we may ask you to prove your identity so that we provide the data to the right person. If you have any questions about the way in which we process your data, you can always contact info@slobeltour.com.

If you do not agree with the way in which we process your data, you can contact the Data Protection Authority (www.gegevensauthoriteit.be).be- Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels). Our privacy policy in the field of data processing can be found on Slobeltour.be.

General travel conditions of the Travel Disputes Committee for package travel agreements

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General travel conditions of the Travel Disputes Committee for travel service agreements

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