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Slovenian wines

White, red, aromatic, strong, full-bodied or light, dry or sweet : it doesn’t matter what kind of wine you prefer; you will definitely find your favorite one in the three wine-growing regions of Slovenia. You can find no less than 52 vine varieties growing. There are simply too many to write about all , so you can find below a short info about famous ones you need to try.

Wines to try

Sauvignon is probably one of the most widespread and internationally diverse varieties. In Slovenia it is so popular that they even hold an annual festival each May to celebrate it. Sauvignons produced in Slovenia have their own distinct characteristics, resulting in a unique taste and flavour palette, which separate them from all other wines of the sort. There are a many of wine producers across the country offering Sauvignon as a part of their portfolios. But normally this should be dry white wine that pairs flawlessly with fish.

Chardonnay taste varies from region to region resulting in an unimaginably diverse palette, even in a small country such as Slovenia. Only thing all chardonnays have in common is a smoky undertone in their flavour. This makes them inherently difficult to distinguish during blind tasting.



Rizling is known as a king of wines and also a must have on our list to try.Variations are from sweet to dry depending on how long the winegrower has allowed it to ferment. It has fruity aroma and compatibility with a wide range of dishes.

Predicate wines

Predicate wines are usually sweet late harvest white wines of different varieties, such as Traminer, Yellow Muscat… Though each one of them has its characteristic taste and aroma, they all go very well along with sweeter foods such as cakes and desserts , mostly called desert wines.

predicate wine


The wine itself has its origins coming from Italy and can be very diverse. You will recognize the Slovenian version for having a crisp mineral taste resembling almond, with slightly pronounced acidity and a fresh fruity or vanilla-like aroma. Mostly it is a dry wine with slightly higher alcohol content and overall liveliness of the flavour. The colour should be straw yellow with a greenish hue.


Because of it’s red soil, this wine has a magnificent structure, corpulent body and an unmistakable fiery red colour. It’s produced from the very old Refosco grape variety known for its dark skin. IT has an aroma which resembles wild berries. It contains a lot of lactic acid, iron and antioxidants which makes it one of the healthiest wines in the world.


Black Velvet

Black Velvet is a very special wine available pure in exclusive annual series of only a hundred 250 ml bottles. The wine is made in Maribor which makes it even more special. The bottles were designed by Oskar Kogoj : it has a brilliant bright red colour and a distinct raspberry aroma. And all that combined with a slightly higher acidity makes this wine perfect for blends.


Jazbec sparkling Teran wine is usually rare to come across but definitely worth the effort of finding as it is a very special sparkling wine with the most exquisite taste. Contrary to other most sparkling wines is that it is actually made from red wine.The winegrowers produce this wine by the classical method, meaning the second fermentation takes place in the bottles. Then they leave these bottles to mature in natural Karst caves for several years. It is a dry wine with medium alcohol content.

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Slovenian liqueurs

Slovenian has a few really good liquors also known outside the country. Most drinked one is Borovnicka: it is worth tasting them ! Also one of really good known liquors is Krucefixliquors, available in best London’s bars. You can also try collection from Berryshko, Suza Rakija, Fermedica and Mikelj Spirits : more you will try, more you will like them.