When it comes to deserts the top one in Slovenia is definitely Kremsnita, if you haven’ t heard about it yet, you will when you visit this country for certain. If you are going to visit Lake Bled, everyone will tell you to first try the cream cake because it is so delicious, and second, take a walk around the Lake, which is very near to many cafes.

Prekmurska gibanica 

Also good is Prekmurska gibanica It is a combination of cake and pastry, one of the most famous and popular Slovenian desserts. It ‘s taste is rich, tender and full so as like that it s not a light dessert.


Pohorje omelet

Pohorje omelet is the most famous dessert of the Slovenian region called Pohorje. It was invented in the Poštarski Dom mountain hut in the middle of the 20th century. The dessert is made with eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, flour, rum, cranberry jam, whipped cream, and mint liqueur and it’s always served fresh.


Potica is a desert which you will find in every house in Slovenia for certain holidays like Eastern and Christmas. It is traditional festive pastry for this country.It consists a rolled pastry made of leavened paper-thin dough filled with any of a great variety of products, but most often with walnut filling.