Slovenia is mostly known for its beautiful, unspoiled nature. However, the country also has many cosy cities!
We list the most important ones for you:

Ljubljana - Slovenia (Church and river Ljubljanica)

Ljubljana: the city of bridges and dragons

Though Ljubljana isn’t one of the biggest cities it’ s still the main city of Slovenia and because of its size not less interesting then other bigger cities. You can see there a mix of cultures, its city with good culinary offer, events and many more. Close to it you have a lot of nature to go for a walk and enjoy in fresh air one off the best green cities in Europe. You definitely need to see the center of city with its dragon and see the view from castle, central market and national library.

Bled: tourist hotspot on the waterfront

It is a city which represents Slovenian beauty in all ways possible. The city was nominated as one of the seven wonders of the world : you wonder why? If you visit it you will discover its beauty and understand why is it one of Slovenia’s most green-oriented places. With the small island in the middle of the lake and castle high on the cliff you get romantic atmosphere right away. Best view point to look at Bled is from the hill Ojstrica. You can try traditional wooden boats – pletnas- on a lake or take horse carriage trails that takes you around the lake.

Island church of the Assumption (Santa Maria church) on the lake Bled, view from above.

Maribor: home town of the oldest vine in the world

Maribor is the second largest city of Slovenia. It has about 114.000 inhabitants living in its wine growing hills and the MariborskoPohorje mountain. It’s Located near the Slovenian border with Austria, beside the Drava River and at the centre of five natural geographic regions. Maribor is the capital of Štajerska. You can find in the centre of the city the oldest grapevine in the world. You need to see the old vine house for sure. You can also find there the Black Lake which is protected.

Koper: Venetian influences on the Slovenian coast

Enjoying the coast of Slovenia? The best place to do that is in Koper, the largest coastal town in the country! The architecture has beautiful Venetian influences. In the heart of the city you can imagine yourself in the Middle Ages thanks to the beautiful palaces and old squares. While strolling along the promenade and marina you are surrounded by pure luxury. In need of refreshment! You can find it on the sandy beach or the sunbathing area of the city. Just enjoy!

Town of Izola waterfront and bay aerial view, Slovenia coastline

Piran: pearl of the Adriatic Sea

Piran, located on the Slovenian coast, is considered the best preserved cultural monument of Slovenian Istria. This pearl of the Adriatic Sea belonged to Venice for a long time and has impressive architecture. The Venetian buildings transform the city into a romantic setting. By the way, did you know that from Piran you can see Croatia, Austria, Italy and Slovenia?

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